The 15 best jobs for 17-year-olds that pay well (2023)

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Finding jobs for 17-year-olds that pay well may seem like a challenge. After all, teenagers don't usually have much, if any, experience in the workforce.In addition, they must find options that adapt to a school schedule.If that's not a double whammy, we don't know what is.

Does that mean there are no well-paying jobs for 17-year-olds? Of course not. There are actually a lot of them. You just have to know where to look.

If you're looking for high-paying jobs for 17-year-olds, here's what you should know.

Jobs for 17 year olds

Before we dive into our top jobs for 17 year olds, let's take a quick step back and talk about what the landscape is like. In most cases, teenagers need to focus on entry-level positions that don't require much experience.

Sometimes teenagers may also need to spend their time focusing on jobs that don't require many skills, although this isn't always the case.Some 17-year-olds have hobbies or courses that have given them marketable skills, and it's perfectly fine to use them when looking for a job.

However, if you don't have job-related skills, that doesn't mean you're unlucky. As a student you gain valuetransferrable skillsthat can help you. For example,Communication,Organisation, andattention to detailare advantageous in a number of positions, and many high school students have experience in these areas. Pretty cool right?

So there's a good chance any 17-year-old can bring something to the table. But how hard is it to find a job? Don't you compete with a lot of other teenagers who want to work?

Well, yes and no. While other teenagers might just be looking for work19.2 percentof 16-19 year olds work while they go to school. So while some of your classmates are looking for work, most are not, which could work in your favor.

With college often in sight, a 17-year-old's time is very valuable. Between punching in the final year of the high school social calendar and preparingQuestions about the university's own job interviewTrying to get into college doesn't leave much time for work.

What about work restrictions? Aren't there any rules for 17 year olds to work?

Yes, there may be some work restrictions.Typically, teenagers in traditional part-time jobs are limited to a certain number of hours per day and the total hours in a work week.In addition, they may not be able to work before a certain time in the morning or after a certain time at night.

It is also common for teenagers to have activity-related limitations. For example, you may not be allowed to operate some types of devices.

Work restrictions vary by state.As a result, you'll need to look up the rules in your area. In most cases, these details can be obtained from your state's Department of Labor or a similar organization.

Do these limitations matter? You can. Some companies prefer not to hire anyone under the age of 18 because regulations make it more difficult to manage their workforce. If the work requires certain types of potentially dangerous tasks, they may even be barred from hiring teenagers for those roles.

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However, other companies don't mind looking into the requirements and offering jobs that meet all security requirements. As long as you focus on the right opportunities, you can definitely find themGreat jobs for 17 year oldsduring your search.

The 15 best jobs for 17-year-olds that pay well

If you are looking for high paying jobs for 17 year olds, here are 15 of the best options.

1. Social-Media-Manager

To say that most 17-year-olds are social media savvy feels like an understatement. If you enjoy spending your time on the different platforms and learning new ones as they pop up, working as a social media manager could be a great choice.

During the day you create content, schedule posts, reply to comments, and do similar tasks. Along the way,You can earn about25,13 $per hour, which clearly makes this onewell paid online job for 17 year olds.

Since you are under 18, you may need to become a freelancer. Luckily, this route gives you a lot of control over your schedule.

2. Restaurantserver

One of the classic jobs for 17-year-olds is definitely being a waiter in a restaurant. This is mainly because you don't necessarily need any prior knowledge to get started. In addition, the work is very simple.

During a typical shift, you'll spend most of your time taking customer orders, delivering drinks, keeping up with refills, and dropping off food. There is usually a light cleaning en route and payment when they are done.

As for the wage rateServers usually earn around11,63 $one hour. But since you can get tips, you can certainly do more. By focusing on providing exceptional service, this option can qualify as one of the high paying jobs for 17 year olds.

3. Housekeeper

Did you know that you can earn around12,30 $cleaning other people's homes per hour?It's true. The work is similar to working in your own home, so it's also a pretty easy job to get started with.

Since 17-year-olds may not be able to work for domestic services, you may want to essentially freelance. By connecting with local families, you can find work nearby. Plus, you stay in control of your schedule, making it easier to manage.

4. Photo-/Video-Editor

If you're skilled at taking and enhancing images or video clips, working as a freelance photo or video editor could be for you. Normally 17 year olds have to use the gig route. But this way, you get a lot of control over your schedule, workload, and activities.

In terms of pay, both are well-paid jobs for 17-year-olds.For video editing18,00 $per hour is typical. For photo editing,$34an hour is the norm.

5. Warehouse consultant

When it comes to high-paying jobs for 17-year-olds, the camp counselor is a big deal.You can earn around$24,00per hour to ensure younger children stay safe and engaged.

You can help them with crafts, teach them fun skills, or guide them through sporting events. There may also be some other duties such as assisting with cooking and cleaning.

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Some camp counselor jobs involve overnight stays on site. However, others are only available during the day, giving you more options to consider.

JEFF'S TIP:Guess Camp Counselor is just oneholiday job? Think again! While there are more opportunities available in this category during the summer, you can also find jobs during the winter and spring breaks. In some cases, there are day camps held during vacations and teachers' days to ensure children have a safe place to go when their parents are working. Also, some afterschool programs consider themselves "day camps," giving you even more places to look.

6. Tour guide

If you are passionate about your hometown, a museum, historical site, or something similar, a part-time job as a tour guide could be an excellent option. Some companies or organizations are open to hiring teenagers who are knowledgeable about the area or the exhibits, as long as they can handle the tasks.

More often than not, you spend your time sharing educational tidbits with tourists or visitors. Along the way,You will earn about14,16 $per hourand get a bit of exercise, making it a win-win.

7. Lehrer

If you are looking for well paying jobs for 17 year olds, don't overlook Tutor. If you have a strong academic record, you may be able to make some money by tutoring younger students. In some cases, you may be able to offer specialty classes such as SAT or ACT preparation if you have excelled on those exams.

You spend your time helping them understand issues better, giving them guidance, support, and encouragement along the way. In exchange,You could earn about19,51 $one hour, which is definitely solid.

8. Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, you mainly deal with incoming contacts who need help. You may have questions about your account, an order, or a product your employer sells.

They provide direct support to customers, usually via phone, chat software or email. The work is usually straightforward, and you're usually given set processes to follow, which also makes it pretty easy to learn.

While many contact centers require employees to be at least 18 years old, some are open to hiring younger employees.You could make money there17,23 $per hour, Right Opportunity can be an excellent option for anyone looking for high paying jobs for 17 year olds.

9. Cinema staff

Movie theaters have long been popular with teenagers looking for work. The job is pretty easy. They may sell or control tickets, hand out discounts, or do some cleaning during a typical shift. just right?

What makes this job one of the well-paid jobs for 17-year-olds is not just the hourly wages.Secure,10 bis 15 $per hour is decent, without doubt. However, in most cases, you also get some money-saving benefits – like free tickets or reduced discounts. This gives you additional added value. If you love movies, these perks can easily make potentially lower compensation worthwhile.

10. Amusement park attendant

Another job for 17-year-olds that can come with fun perks is being the amusement park attendant. These positions are usually part-time and are usually filled in the summer. While you're on the clock, you can operate an amusement ride, sell tickets, run a snack bar, or do other similar tasks.

during your working hours,making out11,90 $per hour is typical. However, you can also get free tickets for you and your friends and family, meal discounts, and other perks to make the job more lucrative.

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11. Graphic Designer

Many teenagers have some graphic design skills that can help them make some money. Then working as a freelance graphic designer could be just the thing for you. You would spend your time creating digital images of various kinds for companies or individuals. In exchange,could you drop by25,66 $per hour, which is impressive.

Since most freelance platforms require users to be 18 years old, you may need to promote your services yourself. However, if you have a strong portfolio, this might be easy enough.

12. Technical Service Representative

Similar to a customer service agent, technical support agents assist callers. However, they focus on technical issues related to a specific number of products or services, which narrows the scope a bit.

While many people who enter this field have college degrees, it's not always a requirement. Some companies hire tech-savvy teenagers for entry-level positions. If you are considering a career in engineering this could be a great opportunityThis allows you to gain experience early on and earn some money at the same time17,00 $per hour.

13. Virtual Assistant

Smaller businesses can often benefit from some administrative support. However, you don't always need someone full-time. If so, they may turn to part-time virtual assistants to get the help they need.

Usually, the virtual assistant job description resembles either theOffice assistant,Admin-Assistant, orExecutive Assistantone, depending on jurisdiction.

Because the work can be relatively easy, some companies are open to hiring teenagers. As a 17 year old it is usually advisable to aim for a position closer to clerical or administrative assistant level as these do not require as much experience.

14. Freelance writer

While many freelance platforms require users to be 18 or older, a 17-year-old can still find work as a freelance writer. Many businesses need help creating blog and social media posts or similar content. If their target audience is teenagers, they may be open to working with someone under the age of 18 who can speak to their market.

You can try promoting your services on social media or use other proactive approaches to find customers. if you doYou may be able to earn about32,27 $one hour, while giving you a lot of control over your work schedule.

15. Lifeguard

If you are a good swimmer and can pass CPR, first aid and other safety requirements, working as a lifeguard may be the perfect fit. In most cases, the work is straightforward and low-key. You'll ensure swimmers follow the rules and monitor people in the pool to spot safety issues.

However, lifeguard work can also be dramatic. If something happens, you may need to take action. In some cases, you can even save someone's life.

You might think this is just a summer job, but that's not always the case. If you live in warmer areas or near a facility with an indoor pool, this might be a year-round option.

Lifeguards usually earn around$13,00per hour. Also, this is one of the jobs for 17-year-olds that usually comes with some perks such as: B. Free entry to the swimming pool on your day off.

Put everything together

Ultimately, all high-paying jobs for 17-year-olds are worth exploring. Some can help you launch a career sooner than expected, while others simply offer excellent opportunities for entering the workforce for the first time. Consider which ones best suit your needs and explore opportunities near you. How to find the right role for you.

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What jobs pay the most at 15? ›

In many cases, being a tutor is also one of the highest-paying jobs for 15-year-olds around. Earning about $19.51 an hour isn't out of the question, and you may be able to bring in more if you're tutoring several kids at once.

Is getting a job at 15 worth it? ›

Jobs help kids develop a greater sense of self. Teens that work a reasonable amount of hours—less than 15 hours a week—get better grades than teens who don't work. Jobs help kids learn to manage money and understand personal finance. Jobs help kids transition from youth to adulthood.

What is the highest paying job under 18? ›

High-paying jobs for teens
  • Delivery service driver. ...
  • Landscape laborer. ...
  • Youth sports referee. ...
  • Caddy. ...
  • Babysitter. ...
  • Automotive technician. National average hourly wage: $23.80 per hour. ...
  • Tutor. National average hourly wage: $24.84 per hour. ...
  • Dog walker. National average hourly wage: $33.70 per hour.
Feb 4, 2020

What jobs pay most at 17? ›

If you're looking for high-paying jobs for 17-year-olds, here are 15 of the best options around.
  • Customer Service Rep. ...
  • Movie Theater Employee. ...
  • Theme Park Attendant. ...
  • Graphic Designer. ...
  • Technical Customer Support Rep. ...
  • Virtual Assistant. ...
  • Freelance Writer. ...
  • Lifeguard.

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Ways For Teens To Make Money
  1. Swagbucks. There are tons of ways to make money through Swagbucks. ...
  2. Survey Junkie. Completing online surveys is so simple. ...
  3. Work as a camp counselor. ...
  4. Sign up for Fetch Rewards. ...
  5. Babysitting. ...
  6. Pet Sitting. ...
  7. Freelance writing. ...
  8. Referee or umpire.


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