The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (2023)

Taking a long-awaited vacation to Olean, New York State and want to learn more about its myriad restaurants?

Then prepare for your unforgettable getaway by perusing this list of the best restaurants in Olean.

I've narrowed down all of your amazing options such as cafes that sell delicious treats, grills that serve quality food, eateries that offer delicacies from abroad, pizzerias with different flavors to choose from, diners with affordable fare, and numerous others.

Satisfy your taste buds by sampling an array of flavorful dishes including frozen treats, fried favorites, exquisite sushi rolls, filling sandwiches, delicious special diet options, decadent baked goods and more.

So, catch up on all your standout choices below!

1. Beef 'n' Barrel

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (1)

146 N Union St
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 372-2985

Founded over forty years ago, Beef 'n' Barrel is a family owned restaurant near Lincoln Park.

Why this restaurant is a must

Beef 'n' Barrel is one of Olean's premier restaurants where you and your companions can enjoy a unique casual dining experience.

This fabulous restaurant offers an old fashioned ambience, stylishly presented dishes, specialty drinks, an intimate ambience and stained glass fixtures.

what to eat

Would you like to taste a house favourite?

If so, I recommend the sirloin steak.

It's a 6 ounce grilled steak with au jus, onion rings, your choice of potato and tossed salad.

Treat yourself to a decadent dessert by ordering the Peppermint Snowball.

It's a peppermint ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie crust, a hot fudge topping, and whipped cream.

2. Brother's Bistro

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (2)

188 N Union St
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 379-8656

Brother's Bistro is a family run restaurant specializing in traditional Mediterranean and American cuisine.

Why this restaurant is a must

This local favorite is perfect if you are looking for the top rated restaurants in Olean to try different delicious dishes.

It features charming decorations, a welcoming atmosphere, courteous staff, offsite and in-house catering services, and a lively bar.

what to eat

For dinner I suggest ordering the chicken scallopini.

It comes with a special sauce made from lemons, white wine and mushrooms.

If you prefer red meat-based appetizers, opt for the tandoori beef tikka, served with pita, Greek salad and tzatziki sauce.

3. Union Tea Cafe

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (3)

301 N Union St
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 701-4014

(Video) 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY

Union Tea Cafe is a British-inspired eatery that opened in the city center in January 2017.

Why this restaurant is a must

You can find many excellent Olean restaurants to start your day with a delicious breakfast like Union Tea Cafe.

It has so much to offer you, such as freshly baked pastries, various coffee blends, salads made from the freshest ingredients, first-class teas and much more.

what to eat

Order the Apple Crisp to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

It includes a Belgian waffle, baked cinnamon apples, a caramel sauce, oatmeal crumble and whipped cream.

Enjoy a healthy meal for lunch by trying the Windsor salad.

It's made with blue cheese, fresh vegetables, turkey, craisins, chopped apples, beets, sugared pecans, spinach, honey vinaigrette, and pumpkin seeds.

Recommended hotels nearby: Best Western Plus University Inn

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4. Mirchi Bar & Grill

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (4)

1020 N Unionstr
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 790-8473

Mirchi Bar & Grill, also known as Mirchi Bar-N-Grill, is a casual restaurant less than five minutes from downtown.

Why this restaurant is a must

Looking for a place to eat in Olean to enjoy delicious food without breaking the bank?

Then make your way to this outstanding restaurant.

It offers Indian-inspired entrees, special diet options, a relaxed atmosphere, generous portions and friendly waiters.

what to eat

The Aloo Nut is a must if you are vegetarian.

It consists of potatoes and green peas in a rich curry sauce.

Try a clay oven delicacy by ordering the tandoori prawns.

These are tandoori seasoned king prawns with basmati rice and house salad.

Recommended hotels nearby: Holiday Inn Express Olean, ein IHG-Hotel

5. The Old Library restaurant

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (5)

116 S Unionstr
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 372-2226

Dating back to 1983, the Old Library Restaurant is a local institution in a historic building.

Why this restaurant is a must

This great restaurant is one of the best restaurants Olean has to offer to celebrate your upcoming birthday.

It offers handcrafted cocktails, an impressive menu tailored to your taste, high-tech audiovisual technology and a grand ballroom with a private bar and dance floor.

what to eat

Start your meal with a delicious appetizer by ordering Clams Casino.

That's six mussels with peppers, white wine, pancetta, breadcrumbs, parmesan, and shallots.

For dinner, try a sophisticated dish like the braised lamb shank.

(Video) Food Review: Grand Slam Grill Olean,NY

It's a slow roasted lamb shank with creamy risotto, cabernet demi-glace and roasted vegetables.

Recommended hotels nearby: Best Western Plus University Inn

6. Oishi Sushi & Hibachi LLC

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (6)

2234 West State St
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 373-8889

Oishi Sushi & Hibachi LLC is a contemporary restaurant specializing in authentic Japanese cuisine.

Why this restaurant is a must

Satisfy your cravings for Japanese-inspired dishes by dining at one of Olean's premier restaurants, Oishi Sushi & Hibachi LLC.

This outstanding restaurant offers themed decorations, exquisite sushi boats, exceptional service and delicious options for special diets.

what to eat

The King of the Sea is an excellent choice if you want to try a typical dish.

It consists of a grilled lobster tail, shrimp and scallops with a lemon butter sauce.

I recommend the Jeaneli Roll to sushi lovers.

It's a soy paper sushi with avocados, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, spicy crab and a special homemade sauce.

Recommended hotels nearby: Holiday Inn Express Olean, ein IHG-Hotel

7. Rafi's plate

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (7)

800 Wayne St
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 790-8294

Rafi's Platter, which opened in August 2017, is an acclaimed restaurant serving American, Indian and Mediterranean dishes.

Why this restaurant is a must

Enjoy some of the best food in Olean with your fellow travelers at one of its coolest eateries, Rafi's Platter.

This spectacular restaurant offers a terrace for al fresco dining, live entertainment on select nights, a delicious menu for your little ones and beautifully presented dishes.

what to eat

Try a healthy vegetarian meal by ordering the Grilled Veggie Wrap.

It consists of various grilled vegetables, mango chutney, hummus, lettuce, tomato and onion, served with a side salad.

Try an exquisite pasta dish by trying the Cavatappi Pasta.

These are al dente cavatappi pasta with an asiago butter garlic cream sauce.

Recommended hotels nearby: Hampton Inn & Suites Olean, New York

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8. Grand-Slam-Grill

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (8)

3132 New York Route 417
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 379-8870

The Grand Slam Grill is a trendy bar and grill that serves American favorites.

It is adjacent to various shopping centers such as Marshalls and the Walmart Supercenter.

Why this restaurant is a must

Are you a foodie looking for good restaurants in Olean to try all kinds of delicious cuisine?

If so, what better place than the Grand Slam Grill.

(Video) 10 Best Things to Do in Olean, NY

Here you can enjoy juicy burgers, delicious appetizers, exquisite salads, flavorful wraps, mixed-meat entrees, and decadent desserts.

what to eat

Enjoy a flavor-packed brunch by ordering the breakfast burger.

It includes bacon smoked over applewood, tomatoes, arugula, American cheese, and a sunny-side-up egg.

Try a hearty sandwich by ordering the Steak Sandwich.

It consists of an 8-ounce chargrilled NY strip steak, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, provolone and a homemade sauce.

Recommended hotels nearby: Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Olean

9. Angees Restaurant

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (9)

475 N Union St
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 373-7070

Opened in 1948, Angee's Restaurant is a family run restaurant specializing in traditional Italian delights.

Why this restaurant is a must

Consider this brilliant restaurant if you are looking for the most popular places to try fine Italian cuisine with your family, friends or partner.

It offers well-presented dishes, a relaxed atmosphere, catering services for special occasions and an on-site gift shop selling a variety of clothing items.

what to eat

Tortellini Contadina is a must for pasta lovers.

These are tortellini pasta with chicken, sun-dried tomato cream sauce, and sausage.

Enjoy a hearty, salad-based main course by ordering the Pittsburgh Steak Salad.

It consists of seasoned waffle fries, fillet steak, slaw and more with a side of Riviera dressing.

Recommended hotels nearby: Hampton Inn & Suites Olean, New York

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10. Pizza key

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (10)

1521 West State St
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 373-2393

Founded in 1970, Tasta Pizza is a famous local pizzeria near the Allegheny River.

Why this restaurant is a must

This excellent eatery is the perfect choice when looking for restaurants near you to satisfy your appetite for tasty pizza dishes.

It offers an inviting ambience, large platters for groups, a variety of daily specials and an extensive menu of pizzas, subs, chicken wings and more.

what to eat

I recommend ordering the Party Pack if you are traveling with a group.

It includes a tray of cheese or pepperoni pizza, blue cheese, 5 pounds of chicken wings and celery.

Another must-try when visiting this restaurant is the taco salad.

It consists of tomatoes, taco beef, black olives, sour cream, cheese and lettuce.

Recommended hotels nearby: Microtel Inn & Suites von Wyndham Olean

11th century mansion

The 11 Best Restaurants in Olean, NY for 2022 (Top Eats!) (11)

401 E State St
Olean, New York 14760
(716) 372-1864

(Video) Olean, New York | Walking Tour

Century Manor Grillhouse is a highly acclaimed city landmark restaurant established at least seventy years ago.

Why this restaurant is a must

Century Manor Grillhouse is one of Olean's premier restaurants, boasting beautifully decorated interiors and stylishly presented dishes.

This fabulous restaurant offers exceptional service, an extensive menu of delicious cuisine, a selection of fine wines and much more.

what to eat

Try an exquisite appetizer by ordering the Bloomin' Onion.

It's a deep-fried, herb-battered, and panko-breaded sweet onion with a homemade dipping sauce.

Sample a delicious classic by trying The Centurion.

These are two 6 ounce Premium Black Angus Filet Mignons served with a wine beurre blanc sauce, house vegetables and your choice of side.

Recommended hotels nearby: The Old Library Inn Bed & Breakfast

Map of restaurants in Olean

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The 11 Best Olean Restaurants for 2022

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  4. Order food that's properly cooked. ...
  5. Avoid lukewarm food.
6 days ago

What is the difference between fine dine and casual dine? ›

Fine dining or formal dining restaurants offer an upscale setting and service while featuring unique and often more expensive menu options, with checks averaging over $50. A casual dining establishment provides a more laid-back atmosphere with more moderately-priced meal selections.

What do you wear to fine dining? ›

The dress code at a fine dining restaurant is usually business casual, casual elegant or formal attire. We recommend contacting the restaurant ahead of time to confirm their expectations so that you and your guests can dress appropriately.

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Day of the week

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  • Tomatoes. ...
  • Wild salmon.
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Human Hair is one of the physical contaminants in food along with stones, metal pieces, insect parts, rodent droppings etc. All of these can cause physical harm as well as result in foodborne illnesses like cholera, typhoid, jaundice etc.

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Avoid meals that contain large amounts of breads, pasta and rice such as burgers, pizza, pasta dishes, tortillas, pastry and risottos. These meals tend to be high in calories, but loaded with empty carbs with little nutrient dense ingredients.

What's it called when you cook your own food at a restaurant? ›

Cook-it-yourself restaurants are not passive experiences; they're interactive and communal. For many, the social aspect is the appeal. Groups of friends sit around a hot pot or a grill in the middle of the table as they drink, eat and chat.

What is it called when you dine and don't pay? ›

Dine and dash is the US phrase for a form of theft by fraud, in which a patron or patrons orders and consumes food and beverages from a restaurant or similar establishment with the intent not to pay.

What is the difference between upscale and fine dining? ›

Upscale restaurants offer full table service. They focus on the quality of their cuisine and the ambiance of their facilities. Fine-dining establishments are at the highest end of the upscale restaurant category and charge the highest prices.

What should you not do in fine dining? ›

How to Eat at a Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Do not blow on your food to cool it off. ...
  • Take small bites of your food, even if it takes a little longer.
  • Don't make slurping or smacking noises as you eat.
  • Try to avoid burping.
Dec 24, 2019

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Fine Dining

Unless you're hitting up one of those fancy restaurants with a strict dress code, dark denim is a solid choice for a “nice, but not too fancy” dinner out for both men and women.

Can I wear sneakers to fine dining? ›

The shoes should be in the neighborhood of loafers or tie-ups—sneakers should be excommunicated. Those should always be shed unless entering into a casual-friendly dining milieu In a business-casual work environment, clothing should be pressed and never wrinkled.

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Alain Ducasse may easily be the most successful among the world's top 10 chefs. This is what he managed to achieve: Earned his 21 Michelin stars and kept them throughout his career.

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