Intrepid Travel vs. Go Ahead Tours compared | travel step (2023)

Intrepid Travel - Fast Facts

Founded in 1989

No single supplement (rare exceptions)

Small groups:max 16 on most trips (max 10 during Covid-19)

average age:48

Travel style:Cultural Immersion, Adventure, Overland,sustainable and active

Accommodation style:Locally owned camping, hostels, 3/4 star hotels

Average tour price:2.377 $

Top Region:Asia, Africa, Europe, South America

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Other brands:Wanderer

Commonly compared to G Adventures»

Intrepid Travel is all about “real life experiences”. With a name that means fearless and adventurous, Intrepid offers nothing short of grand travel adventures - like an 11-day trek through Papua New Guinea.However, Intrepid is broad enough to offer varied experiences, such as B. Food tours in Greece complete with a visit to a Kalamata olive grove.

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What distinguishes Intrepid Travel?

  • Responsible travel
  • industry experts
  • Authentic experiences
  • Small groups

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Intrepid believes that with great travel experiences comes great responsibility. You are focusedresponsible tourismThis includes not only not only taking it lightly, but also making a positive impact on the destinations they send travelers to.As a Certified B Corp since 2018, Intrepid donates to grassroots projects around the world, is a carbon neutral company and is committed to animal welfare.

Travelers can rest assured when traveling with Intrepid because they will be in the hands ofindustry experts. Intrepid partners with local guides to be tour guides. This gives travelers first hand experience from someone who knows the area well.

Above all, Intrepid strives to take its travelers off the beaten track and beneath the surface of the local culture. To achieve this, group sizes are small, a maximum of 16 on most trips. This allows for greater use of local transport and accommodation, as well as encouragementcultural immersion. Intrepid also employs local English-speaking guides who act more as a resource for local exploration than typical "guides" who take groups from one location to another.

Who will enjoy traveling with Intrepid Travel?

  • Every age
  • All types of travelers
  • culture enthusiasts

Intrepid is one of the early pioneers of"Adventure" style guided tour. Despite its informal beginnings and emphasis on younger, more adventurous travelers, Intrepid has grown into a global company offering a diverse range of travel for all ages.

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Undaunted shares hisTravel in small groupsin three different types of travel, all with corresponding prices. "Basix", forbudget travelers, keep inclusions to a minimum and provide plenty of free time. "Original" trips offer more included activities and hotels, while "Comfort" trips include moreluxury experiencesThese include the highest level of included activities and accommodation standards, as well as more spacious vehicles. No matter what type of traveler you are, there is a style to suit your specific desires.

The age range on Intrepid tours varies greatly from tour to tour and they welcome all ages.The only exception are the 18-29 year old themed tours, which are specifically designed for this age group.

Intrepid travelers have a real flair foradventure- whether it's a tough adventure or just going deeper off the beaten track. Interacting with locals is an important factor when you travel, as is gaining a unique cultural perspective.A sense of fun is also essential, whether it's going out with your tour buddies at night, trying new foods or exploring the local markets.

Which one is better? Intrepid Travel or G Adventures?

Often compared, both G Adventures and Intrepid Travel specialize in culturally immersive and off-the-beaten-track experiences. They are top companies to consider if you enjoy local and authentic travel and value having plenty of free time during the itinerary. Check out our ultimate guide to deciding what's right for you:Intrepid vs G Adventures Full Comparison»

The Top Destination

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Originally concentratedAdventure travel in small groupsToAsiaIntrepid has expanded rapidly over the years while maintaining its classic, adventurous and immersive style. Today, Intrepid Travel offers more than 1,000 different experiences in over 100 countries on all seven continents. Among the regions with the most travelAsia,South America,Africa, AndEuropa.

Does Intrepid Travel include flights?

While all your internal transport is taken care of, often using traditional local methods such as tuk-tuks in Thailand, international flights to and from your place of residence and the tour destination are not included.However, your travel specialists can recommend where to look for flights.

Intrepid travel style

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Intrepid likes to use local, unique modes of transport. Maybe you'll arrive in a feluccaEgyptor in a tuk-tuk on theBest Thailand tourof your life.

Accommodation, which can range from guesthouses to private homes, is also locally owned, allowing for a more authentic taste of the region while also contributing to the local economy.

If you decide to take an Intrepid tour, you have several travel styles to choose from:

1.Basix-budget travelersThose who don't mind and prefer even basic accommodation - camping and homestays with basic amenities - and long for plenty of free time to explore independently will love these tours. Only public transport is used, so pack light! These trips often attracta younger audiencewho love the idea of ​​throwing on a backpack, leaving plenty of room in their schedule for the unexpected, and spending their travel budget on impromptu bus tickets and street food instead of museum tours and 5-star restaurants.

2.Original- These rides last theBackpacker-Geistof local immersion that includes all the benefits that come with a planned itinerary. This style is called "Original" because it's the style of travel that put Intrepid on the map...pun intended. Accommodation is still basic and affordable - homestays are often used to give you a real sense of place, personality and comfortcultural. Public transport is mostly used.

3.Kompfort- Intrepid is known for thatactive adventure style of traveland these trips keep that mentality, with a few more amenities thrown into the mix. you can expecthigher luxury accommodationswhich include a wider range of included amenities, transportation is mostly private, although you can still expect to use some public transportation, as is the Intrepid Way. More meals and more group activities are included in the tour price—meaning a little less free time to explore on your own.

Why choose a tour with Intrepid Travel?

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Intrepid is a good travel company if you don't mind sacrificing some amenitiestruly authentic, local experience. If you like meeting local people when travelling,Try new and exciting foods, and traveling in mixed-age groups of 10-16 people, Intrepid might be a good fit for you.

It's important to note that "having enough free time" can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse. It sounds great on paper, but if you're looking to maximize your money and vacation time, make sure you understand the implications of having plenty of free time during your itinerary.

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For some travelers, this is an absolute requirement, but for others, diversion and diversion can be difficultexplore independently- You need to make sure tooProvide enough travel money for independent meals.

The tour guides are great sources of information on how to spend your free time, but if you're keen on planning a full day from breakfast to dinner, Intrepid might not be the best company for you.

Finally iftravel sustainably and responsiblymatters to you, Intrepid has poured millions of dollars into the local economy and values ​​responsible travel. So, you can feel good knowing that your money is helping support some of the innkeepers, vendors, and communities you'll meet along the way.

Is Intrepid Travel safe?

Yes, Intrepid is a very safe company to travel with and they take the safety of their tour-goers very seriously.

In response to Covid-19, Intrepid has reduced its group size to an average of 10 people. Your guides have been fully trained on the new Covid-19 hygiene requirements and health and safety guidelines.

They have also implemented flexible booking options.

General Covid-19 travel news

Some countries arebegin to reopenfor international visitors with access restrictions while others have remained closed.

Check back regularly to keep up to date with the frequently changing coronavirus situation.

Would you like more information on travel safety and the coronavirus?Read where to travel safely in 2020 >>

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