Great Wolf Lodge Secrets Uncovered - Thrifty Nifty Mommy (2023)

Planning a stay at one of the Great Wolf Lodge locations? Whether you've done it in the past or this will be your very first adventure, I think you'll have a blast! It's a great holiday destination and definitely a favorite of our family. Every time we come home, the kids ask when we can go back. So I'm really excited to be working with you today to bring you some secrets of the Great Wolf Lodge.

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It seems like every destination has secrets, tips and hints that can help make your stay even more amazing. And of course the Great Wolf Lodge has them too. So read onknow before you go!

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Look for discounts

Every time I looked at the bookingBig wolf hut, I was able to do a simple google search and found discounts. Also keep an eye out for the opening of new locations. These usually have really good opening sales! But if you plan ahead and book in advance, you can save up to 50%.

Book your room(s).

One thing that is so amazing about Great Wolf Lodge is thatYour rooms are huge! They have designed their resorts for families. Even the most basic rooms can accommodate 6 people. But they do offer suites and themed rooms that sleep up to 12 people. And that comfortably! Additionally, each room offers wristband access to the water park for each registered guest.

Check out the video below to see our suite!

themed suites

To go with the above mention, one of the secrets of Great Wolf Lodge is that they offer themed suites. Children can sleep in their own "cubicle" just off the main room. These log cabin style sleeping bays are simply irresistible and allow children to enjoy their own comfortable, decorated area that even has their own TV. The upgrade fee for reserving one of these rooms is well worth it.

Celebrate special occasions at Great Wolf Lodge

Did you know that you can celebrate your special occasions at Great Wolf Lodge? They offer a variety of birthday packages to make the event extra special. There are special wolf ears, door signs, extra attention from staff and more.

And if you're an adult celebrating an occasion, don't forget to request wine service! After the kids are in bed, you don't even have to leave your cozy room. The card you fill out will let staff know when requested drinks and snacks should be delivered.

Don't pack too much

Normally I'm guilty as charged. But I LOVE that I really don't have to pack much when we visit Great Wolf Lodge. I made it easy for you, so just come to meWhat to Pack When Visiting the Great Wolf Lodge Postfor the facts about what you do and what you DON'T need. You will be pleasantly surprised how little you need!

Resort clothing consists mainly of swimwear and pajamas!

Also note that you will most likely spend most of your time in your bathing suits or pajamas. Just pack a cover-up and feel free to dine and play in your suit and cover-up. Enjoy stories and yoga in your pajamas. Great Wolf Lodge Resorts offer a relaxed dress code that makes guests comfortable. So keep that in mind when packing!

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Check in early

While check-in officially starts at 4pm, make sure you get to the resort by 1pm. Guests are welcome to spend some extra time at the water park! Just go to reception and if your room isn't ready the amazing staff will get you ready with wristbands. I only recommend that you pack a separate smaller “swim bag” with your water supplies so you can easily find your swim gear.

Use the water park all day on the day of departure

Another perk offered at Great Wolf Lodge is that your family can continue to use the water park throughout the day after check out! Just check out of your room at 11:00 am as usual and just keep your wristbands on to have fun at the water park all day long.

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changing room and storage

Changing rooms and small lockers are available for changing clothes and storing valuables. The lockers are rented on a daily basis. However, large luggage will not fit in it, so consider storing it in your vehicle or room.

Your room is packed with amenities

Of the many mysteries ofBig wolf hut, I love that the rooms are packed with amenities. You can expect the following:

  • TV
  • table & chairs
  • Microwave (Bring popcorn!)
  • mini fridge
  • coffee machine
  • 2 bottles of water
  • hair dryer
  • Eisen
  • Ironing board
  • Pack 'n Play Cribs (can be requested on a first come, first served basis)
  • wireless internet
  • Shampoo, lotion and soap

Follow the animals

Lost or looking for an exit? A really cool design aspect of Great Wolf Lodge is that you can follow the animals on the lights down the hallways! They always point to the elevators!

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Go to the water park and secure a spot

You will find tables, chairs and loungers throughout the water park. Set up camp and have something recognizable so even your youngest children will know it's "your place." This is a great place to check in when your family splits up. Also, try to find an area where you can see a clock and be easily seen by your youngest boys. A place to easily locate oneself or to keep an eye on the youngest hatchlings while taking a break.

Or treat yourself and rent a cabana

If you want to make it even easier, consider renting a cabana. Available on a daily rental basis, each cabana sleeps four, has a table, chairs, and a 20-inch flat-screen satellite TV. And there is even a safe. You will also find a mini fridge with a selection of soft drinks.

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Bundle and save with Pup, Paw or Wolf passes

There are many fun activities on offer at Great Wolf Lodge Resorts. A great way to experience the best special attractions at a discounted price is to purchase a lanyard pass for your children. They currently offer three choices based on your activity and cost preferences. The Pup Pass is really great for the youngest puppies as it offers some fun activities. Thatpaw passadds a little more. And the wolf pass offers the most action.

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Plan the MagiQuest time

Children of all ages, INCLUDING TEENAGERS, will want to set aside plenty of time to play MagiQuest. Exclusive to the resort, this live-action RPG is irresistible. Players embark on a magical quest that takes them through the entire resort. As they collect what they need for each quest, they build up to fight Charlock the evil dragon, and then fight to defeat the Goblin King. Along the way they will enter a realm of enchantment and befriend Treetop Pixies. The game can last from 30 minutes to hours of fun. Come and go as you please and play as time permits.

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The children can also take their magic wands home as a souvenir! And one of the secrets of Great Wolf Lodge is that you can bring your wand back with you on your next visit to restart your game (for a fee). This way you can pick up where you left off! (And since we were playing MagiQuest for the second time, the older four kids knew exactly what they were doing. But since they progressed so quickly with the game, I could only get a picture of Lucy!)

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AND if your kids complete the challenge, they'll become Master Magi Knights! There's a coronation ceremony and all. Draws quite a crowd and is definitely an exciting ending to the game. Then they also get a button to remind them of the event.


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So many fun activities to do locally at TheGreat Wolf Adventure Park

One of Great Wolf Lodge's many secrets is that you never have to get bored! There is so much to do, see and experience during your stay. Check out some of these great options:

Howler's Peak High Ropes Course:

Buckle up and climb. (Make sure you have trainers, as sandals are not allowed.) This high ropes course offers high-flying fun that catapults you above ground level. While guests must be at least 48 inches tall to climb alone, younger children can be accompanied by an adult. With two different levels, the smaller course is a thrill for everyone but is also suitable for younger children, while the upper course offers an intensive course. I've tried them both and they're both a thrill! But high school is definitely a challenge for me.

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Tenpaw Alley

My favorite thing out of the water, Ten Paw Alley is a mini bowling alley with half-sized lanes and balls. The self-scoring makes playing easier. And there are two game options, one of which is interactive where you take your photos before you start. Throughout the game, you'll then see your party dancing, swinging, and playing across the screen between shots.

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Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall

All ages and skill levels can climb this fun 21 foot rock climbing wall. (Another closed-toe activity, so make sure you've got those sneakers!) The staff will strap you in and let you go while the automatic harness runs right with you.

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Olivers Mining Co.

Time to hit pay dirt! Kids can't get enough of searching for hidden gems. Pan and sight on your hunt to discover a variety of gems, minerals and more. Then take your loot home with you in your collection bag, along with an identification card of your treasures.

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Northern Lights Arcade

This HUGE arcade offers a variety of gaming options. Games of skill and chance can be found everywhere and are enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.TIP: Paw points never expire, so save your card every time you visit and bring it back to play next time!

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creation station

This is the place where guests can select their favorite Great Wolf Lodge character and bring it to life! Help darn them, choose an outfit, and then bring your new friend home. My kids love this activity!

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Make time for the complimentary activities included at the resort

While there are extra activities that are super fun, you definitely don't need to spend extra money if you don't want to. Just take part in the free activities included in the resort! You should be given an itinerary upon check-in, but request one if you don't. This way your kids can use stories, games, crafts, yoga and more.

We participated in decorating our wolf ears.

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Bingo was also a big hit with everyone.

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The children also got excited about decorating the cups.

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And there are even some free games like beanbags and giant match 4 games.

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In fact, there are SO many activities that kids (around 8 years old and younger depending on your children's personalities) could really keep them busy all day without ever setting foot in the water park!

Also educational activities

Our kids really enjoyed the Wolf Walk! I wasn't sure what to expect but it was really neat. The pack members read a story, let the kids hunt animals, shared fun facts, and finally did a wolf origami project. It was so cool! And the origami was something that even our 10 and 13 year old kids enjoyed.

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Experience the North Woods Wall Show at the MN Great Wolf Lodge!

When visiting the MN Great Wolf Lodge, you absolutely must make it to the North Woods Wall Show! This interactive, one-of-a-kind wall features digital projection and moving parts. It's so cool to see! Even adults are gathering to try it.

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Food and drinks on site

There is plenty of on-site dining if you want to make your vacation as relaxing as possible. Great Wolf Lodge Bloomington, MN offers a comprehensive selection including:

  • campfire kitchen:Great breakfast and dinner buffet!
  • Hungry like a wolf:Delicious pizzas, salads, lemonades and pasta dishes.
  • Bucket's Incredible Craveables:Offers these absolute favorites right in the water park.
  • Scheunenholz:Cocktails, libations and sharing plates.
  • Ben & Jerry's:Favorite flavors and unique exciting options.
  • Dunkin Donuts:Hot and cold coffee and a selection of donuts.
  • The water hole:The perfect place to have a drink without ever having to dry off as it's in the middle of the water park.
  • The Outpost:Cocktails and craft beer galore.

We enjoyed a breakfast buffet at Campfire Kitchen this time and it wastoll! There are so many great options. Fresh fruit and yogurt. A variety of meats such as sausage and bacon. Pancakes, french toast, waffles, potatoes, scrambled eggs and even cookies and gravy. There were also muffins and pastries, cereal and milk, and even oatmeal with toppings. And more! It was very good and we all left very satisfied.

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For our other meals, we enjoyed pizza, salad, and soda from Hungry As A Wolf, and chicken strips and fries from Buckets. Everything tasted great again.

vending machines

And for those quick snacks, you'll find a vending machine and ice cream machine on each floor.

Great Wolf Lodge is AMAZING at food allergies

Although our family has no food allergies, I have witnessed how great Great Wolf Lodge is about them. I saw the staff pay meticulous attention to detail and the chef even spoke to one family before preparing a meal for their child. They take both food allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously. As a matter of fact,Everything the resort has to offer is even NUT FREE!

Or pack your own food and snacks

While no outside food or drinks are allowed at the water park, guests are encouraged to bring what they like to the lodge and leave it in their room. This way you can easily grab snacks and drinks during breaks.

Great Wolf Lodge offers water fun for all ages

One of the great secrets of The Great Wolf Lodge is that they really are fun for all ages. Children to adults can find plenty to do. From the big thrill of the interactive River Cannon Run slide to the gentle rush of the Lazy River. The indoor water park can keep you busy for days!

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  • river gun barrel:Speed ​​tube slide that spins, dives and splashes you through an interactive experience.
  • Annihilation of the Wolf Riders:A super fun indoor simulator that lets you ride the waves.
  • Alberta Falls:Fun enough for thrill seekers and gentle enough for younger riders to double ride. This four-story ride is packed with twists and turns before being whisked into the lower pool.
  • Fort Mackenzie:This Water Tree Fortress is a perfect hangout spot for the kids. Pint-sized slide, water cannon, giant bucket that spills, and more.
  • Totemification:Short, brisk body slide for little ones who love fast action fun.
  • Otter run:A family friendly body slide that young and old riders alike will enjoy.
  • Big Foot Pass:A large floating lily pad and cargo net that kids love.
  • Chinook Bay:Guests can enjoy water basketball and more at this fun activity pool.
  • Krummer Bach:Float around the Crooked Creek Lazy River. This gentle current carries you through the entire water park!
  • Hatchling Paw Pool:With a depth of 18″ it is the perfect place for the smallest boys to play.
  • Slap-Tail-Teich:You can actually enjoy the feeling of the surf in this wave pool! Beginning with a zero depth entry, this area feels waves coming in five minute increments. Once the howling is heard, get ready to surf the waves!

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Fitness center is available

The Iron Horse Fitness Room features treadmills, recumbent bikes, stretching mats and TVs, so take a break from the water park and get your daily workout going. To be honest we didn't even make it to the gym because we all got a great workout at the water park!

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ThatBig wolf hutis basically a cruise on the mainland. It is full of energy, entertainment and fun. There is so much to do, see, explore and enjoy. And one of the great secrets of Great Wolf Lodge is that it will make you want to come back again and again! The magic never goes away! Whether it's your first visit or your fifteenth, you're sure to have a great time!

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