EF Go Ahead Tours Review 2023: Are Their Guided Tours Worth It? (2023)

Guided tours are a great way to travel, make new friends, and gain new experiences without having to plan the logistics of the trip.

While tour operators brag about comfort, they have tended to fall short when it comes to flexibility and customization. Therefore, many travelers resort to planning their trips themselves by using helpful apps such asPilot.

Still, if you prefer a guided tour with a degree of flexibility, EF Go Ahead Tours is definitely a great choice.

EF Go Ahead Tours is one of the world's largest travel companies offering small group tours with unique, authentic experiences. A major benefit of joining an EF Go Ahead Tour is that they offer travelers the benefits of a free private tour with larger groups.

But are the experiences they offer for you? What are the pros and cons? Here's our review of EF Go Ahead Tours!

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Was ist EF Go Ahead Tours?

EF Go Ahead-Tourenis a brand of the EF Tours group offering both guided and fully customizable tours to destinations worldwide. It caters to young and old travelers alike and admits anyone over the age of six (underage travelers accompanied by adults). The number of travelers in each group is limited to 14-38, and small-group tours only allow 10-22 people.

EF Go Ahead Tours strives to bring you meaningful tours with flexibility and personalization. It also promotes responsible travel by supporting local communities and adopting sustainable practices.

Easily manage your bookings and view tour details with the EF Go Ahead Tours mobile app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

What does EF Go Ahead Tours offer?

  • Tour leaders and local guides:Each group is assigned a tour guide who is responsible for all the logistics of the trip. They will be with you throughout the tour, sharing insider knowledge and background information about the places you visit.
  • Accommodation:3-4 star hotels that offer comfortable amenities while being in close proximity to the city.
  • Meals:Breakfast and some other meals are included in the price. First and foremost, they focus on local food and drink specialties. They will arrange meals if required to suit your dietary requirements.
  • Transport:Transportation between the airport and hotels and other transportation required during the trip are included in the package. Flights are not included but can be arranged by EF Go Ahead Tours at an additional cost.

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How does EF Go Ahead Tours work?

You can search for toursGoalorFor travelon the website. Travel styles are further categorized asTrip type, interests, seasonal and special events, AndWith your own group.

For example, if we select Adventure Tours under Trip Style, all related tours will be displayed. You can further filter the results by destination, dates, duration, price and travel style.

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Find out details, trip highlights, prices, reviews, etc. Below is a list of FAQs about the trip and other similar tours for you to compare and choose from.

Which destinations does EF Go Ahead Tours cover?

EF Go Ahead Tours covers many of the world's most popular destinations. Here is a list of EF Go Ahead Tours locations:

  • Europa:Ireland, Italy, Greece, Iceland, England, France and Germany
  • The American:United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador and Belize
  • Africa & Middle East:Egypt, Kenya, Israel, South Africa, Turkey and United Arab Emirates
  • Australia & Asia:Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India and Thailand

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Benefits of EF Go Ahead Tours

  • Worry-free guarantee

If you cancel the booking within 60 days of the reservation date, you are entitled to a full refund. EF Go Ahead Tours also allows you to change the tour date or destination up to your final payment date. It helps you book with confidence, knowing you have plenty of time to make changes.

  • diversity

The travel company not only covers many destinations worldwide, but also offers a wide range of tours. Group tours for solo travelers offer a lot of privacy while facilitating socializing. In addition, there are cruise tours, train tours, food and wine tours, battlefield tours, winter tours and much more!

  • Less people

The worrying factor about large group tours is that they can seem too crowded and noisy to have a quality experience. There are also fewer opportunities to get to know other travelers better. In this case, small group tours offer a more intimate travel experience. Guides can easily give individual attention and advice. Overall, it makes the trip more enjoyable and memorable.

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  • flexibility

If you love to travel with friends but don't have the freedom to plan, let EF Go Ahead Tours plan a trip for you. They can explain your requirements and create a whole new itinerary or choose one they offer. Invite your friends and/or family, choose your travel dates and enjoy. There is also the possibility of organizing religious tours!

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Cons of EF Go Ahead Tours

  • Increase the number of tours

Although there is a wide variety of tours, the different excursion options in each category are poor compared to other tour operators such as e.g. B. quite limitedG adventureorKontiki. For example, there is only one tour option for India. You can also add other countries to your list of destinations.

  • Improve refund and cancellation issues

Customers have struggled with refund and cancellation issues for scheduled or booked tours during the pandemic. There were complaints that EF Go Ahead Tours did not refund the money according to the cancellation policy. But it's a common issue that many tour operators have been dealing with their customers in the wake of the Covid outbreak. We hope they are fixed now.

EF Go Ahead Tours vs. EF Ultimate Break

The main similarity between EF Go Ahead Tours and EF Ultimate Break is that they are managed by EF Education First Tours. This means you'll most likely get similar refund, cancellation, and customer service policies between the two tours.

EF Go Ahead Tours bills itself as the "older sibling" of EF Ultimate Break. Ultimate Break Tours caters to college students and people ages 18-29, while Go Ahead Tours accepts anyone 6 years and older. Therefore, the tours offered usually differ from each other.

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EF Go Ahead Tours offers a wide variety of tours for all ages. It also offers private and group tours. EF Ultimate Break only offers group travel and is tailored to the preferences of young people.

Read oursReview of EF Ultimate Breakto learn more!

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Is EF Go Ahead Tours worth it?

Yes! We came across great GoAheadTours reviews online that talk about the unique and immersive experience that EF Go Ahead Tours offers. Go-ahead tours are a great way to travel if you'd rather take a guided tour.

HowFlash-Package, it's an excellent choice for older travelers looking for trips that include activities beyond partying and drinking. Overall, the tours are really ideal for everyone.

Our rating: 4.5/5


  • Worry-free guarantee
  • Variety of tours
  • smaller groups
  • flexibility


  • A limited number of tours
  • Refund and Cancellation Issues

Plan your own adventure!

Guided tours are great, but being able to plan your trip is even better! You can choose your own stay, customize your itinerary and maximize your time so no time is wasted.

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Traditionally, planning a trip requires a lot of coordination and effort, especially when traveling with friends. Let Pilot solve this problem and help you plan your next adventure easily!

Pilotis your brand new trip planner to help you discover and create itineraries that connect you to resources anywhere. Make the planning experience more fun by collaborating with your travel friends! Pilot makes it easy and fun to share and relive your best travel memories with lots of useful features!

Did we mention it's completely free? Try it now!


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